Blossoming, Eventually

Life in Colorado weather-wise seems to reflect my own life.  We're waking up mornings to snow on the blossoms, days of gray, moments of brilliant blue and color everywhere and then back to snow.  I'm struggling with sleep, loads of work and feeling frozen, immobile to create beyond the necessary meals and lessons. We are … Continue reading Blossoming, Eventually

Why We Need Dynamic Balance

How do you balance it all? It's funny, but I always thought of balance as a static thing.  Once I achieved balance I'd just have to keep doing things exactly the same each day and it would all stay balanced, right? For example, there was that happy time of life when my one baby slept … Continue reading Why We Need Dynamic Balance

Why You Should Be Reading at Least Three Books Today

Mind, I'm not suggesting you must finish three books today.  Though I personally would find that to be simply a wonderful day! I often get asked how it is that I read so much.  It's funny to me because I never considered that I really read more than most.  I tracked all my books last year … Continue reading Why You Should Be Reading at Least Three Books Today

My mind is a whirl with thoughts and ideas, dreams and plans.  Reading from such a variety of new places and books has my brain running far ahead of the rest of me.  I've not been able to keep pace this last week though for taking care of sick ones including myself. Along with the … Continue reading

Working It Out

I've been awake a bit.  You know, mind wide awake and about a hundred miles ahead of body still inert.  In fact the only reason I'm upright now is because I bribed myself with tea.  It was the last thing I did before heading to bed: brewed a pot of tea and tucked it into … Continue reading Working It Out

(Embracing) Rest

I spent most of yesterday simply resting. After all the events for Christmas, I spent most of yesterday in bed reading and sleeping.  It was delightful! I was up early to take a family member to the airport.  My Sweetheart was making the kids pancakes when I came back.  I reheated some leftover Christmas breakfast … Continue reading (Embracing) Rest

(Embracing) Hygge

I started seeing the word Hygge over a year ago, but this year it seems to be everywhere.  There is no direct English translation for this Danish word.  The closest we come seems to be coziness.  It's pronounced hue-ga or hoo-ga.   I think it's probably like the way you would say "hug" while in … Continue reading (Embracing) Hygge