(Embracing) New

The new year has arrived!  Isn’t a fresh start lovely?  Even the ground has a fresh white coat of snow looking all clean and bright today.

With what shall this new year be filled?  I wonder.  That wonder is part of the joy.

I know there will be good and moments of utter delight.  As it is life, there will also be tears and tragedy.  Mostly I suppose there will just be the regular days.  Get up, do the work before me, rest, repeat.

I have no lofty goals this year.  While it would be super to write that book, lose those pounds, organize everything, I’m learning more about who I am and how I truly work.  And in the middle of the deep, dark winter just is not the best time to try and revamp my life simply because the calendar has changed and because it’s what others say we should do.

Starting small and working out from well-managed spaces has shown more success in my own life.  As with most permaculture solutions, this applies to so much more than just growing food.  It makes sense doesn’t it?

While I might want to begin right off with an acre garden, or declare that I’ll never eat a grain of sugar again, history shows that I can start almost anything and (for a time) I can succeed in accomplishing some amazing things.  But long term it’s not sustainable and I feel the failure.  Hard.

So the garden starts off as a space I can actually maintain.  The cleaning starts with my favorite corner tidied.  Our activities outside of home stay few.

We start back to school today after a wonderfully long Winter Break.  The kids are terribly excited about a new term.  Possibly more excited than their teacher, but I’ll quickly catch their joy.  We do have a new area of study we are adding, but just one.

Our school year began back in July and I have kept it purposefully small and focused on our key routines.  While I’ve wanted to add all sorts of new things with every blog post I read and I love to dream about all we could do, I’ve tried not to overwhelm us all.  We have our Morning Meeting down cold and we work out from there.


Today we’ll light the candles, play the music, pour another cuppa tea and begin.  We will start small and move back into the work of our routines.  Then together we will dream and plan how to work out from there and embrace the new.

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