I lived most of my life in cities.  For years I worked as a teacher and simply bought whatever I needed.  I was a busy consumer.  It never occurred to me to create the things I wanted, or needed.

Then I became a mother.  My pace slowed down and I began to take charge of our family’s way of life.  I stopped teaching in school and started learning on my own.  It was revolutionary for me.  As someone who always loved to read, I began checking out books and websites and discovering a whole new way of life.

I began to pay attention to how we spent our money and our time.  I read labels on things and stopped buying so much.  I cleaned up our diet and discovered that there were all sorts of things I had always bought that I could easily make at home and make better.

Small gardens turned into huge gardens, I learned to preserve what I grew.  Eventually, I even began to make our own medicines as well as our food.  I shared what I was learning with others on my blog and in turn learned more and more.

We began to dream of having more space to grow.  We wanted room for the children to run free.  We longed for chickens and other animals.  We wanted to see the stars.

We decided to sell our home in the suburbs of Denver and bought a homestead in rural Idaho.  There we moved our three babies, got our chickens, and goats and even had quite the adventure with a dairy cow for a time!

We learned from books, websites, and the neighbors when they weren’t laughing at us.  We learned a lot the hard way, but we learned it.  Self-sufficiency was the way of life out there.

We grew, foraged, and preserved our food and more medicines, too.  We began selling our produce and the assorted herbal products I was making at the farmers markets and from our home.

We worked harder than we had ever worked before and loved so much of it.  But we were far, too far, from the ones we loved.  The opportunity arose to move again and be closer to family.

And so here we are.

I’ve continued my business here.  I create and sell a variety of products.  Most of them have organic herbs as their base:  from herbal seasoning salts and herbal teas, to lotions and balms.

I also continue to homeschool our three kids.  It’s great!  I can’t imagine any other kind of life with them.  That deep desire to learn through all of life blends continues for me and flows naturally into the children’s education as well.

Since moving back to Colorado, I discovered Permaculture.  We are living on a few acres  and I wanted to develop our place in a wiser way.  Permaculture has given me, not just a way to lay out buildings and gardens, but to live a life even more in tune with my values.  I just completed an online course, Introduction to Permaculture Design, from Oregon State University.

Permaculture is about more than how we grow food.

It’s about how to grow an authentic life and one that can change the world.  The Principles of Permaculture give us outline for all we do, whether we live on a farm surrounded by acres of potential, or in a city.  I believe Permaculture has something for everyone.  I want to share that wisdom with everyone now and help people discover a better life for themselves.

I’ve become rather passionate about Permaculture and even incorporate many of its principles into our homeschooling.  Our homeschooling philosophy most closely aligns with a Charlotte Mason approach, for those who wonder.  But don’t worry, even if you’ve never heard the word Permaculture there will be something here for you.

Underpinning all this life is a faith in Christ.  I’m not big on organized religion as practiced in America today and I’ll be the last one to preach at you.  But my belief in a Savior who knows me and loves even me anyway, permeates how I think about…really, everything.  I share my heart in my writing which means that I want to simply share love here.