As a former teacher, I have many years experience in writing and editing.  Good writing shared well is important to me.  I can be a bit fanatical about proper grammar and spelling and believe them to be a vital part of writing.  I’ve been writing on my own blog for over ten years.

I appreciate that others have developed new and better ways of sharing their writing with the world.  I love how people have created entire networks that allow for the sharing of collective wisdom.  There is so much we can learn from one another.  But it is important that we are putting our best work out there.   Readers will stop reading where proof- reading is not done and pages are full of typos.

I am proficient in multiple blogging platforms, including Word Press.  I am very experienced in Microsoft Office.  I am familiar with SEO, web analytics, KPIs, CRMs, various social media platforms and more.  I enjoy learning about things I do not know and am always researching new ideas.

I have the added benefit of being married to a highly skilled tech guy/software developer who helps me along the way.

My BA degree in Public and Interpersonal Communication has been helpful in teaching me how to work with and manage others.  I’ve developed my communication skills in all areas.  I know the value of being an excellent speaker, writer and listener.

As a small business owner, time management and self-regulation have been vital to my success.  I am able to work from anywhere and am self-motivated.  I am also very honest and diligent.