My mind is a whirl with thoughts and ideas, dreams and plans.  Reading from such a variety of new places and books has my brain running far ahead of the rest of me.  I’ve not been able to keep pace this last week though for taking care of sick ones including myself.

Along with the weathering illness we’ve been weathering literal storms around here.  Our town has been rather snowed in.  We can get to town just fine, I just haven’t been able to get out of our town as planned as both the mountain passes I could use for escape have been shut down because of poor roads and avalanche conditions.

Not the kick off for a new year I had planned.

I was supposed to be back up in Denver spending time with my best friend.  Alas, it was not meant to be.  Detailing all the little and big things that contributed to the final decision to stay would bore you and sadden me.

I’ve made a alternate plan to get away that I am looking forward to though.  Getting away this time will mean being only a mile from home for a few days, but it’s still away enough.  Believe me, I’ve learned to take the time however I can, wherever I can.

It’s not a regular thing with me.  With homeschooling three kids, three businesses, little money and one vehicle it’s a stretch. In fact, the whole reason the trip to see my friend was planned for January was simply because I have access to a second vehicle this month as a family member is out of the country.  Planning to drive across Colorado in January is rather a risky prospect any year.

My plans for a personal retreat are pretty basic.  I’ll make a trip to the library for basket full of inspiration.  A trip to the grocery store will be made before to gather up my favorite foods.  I may even decide to go out for a meal as that’s a special treat.  I’ll pack up my favorite books, art supplies, camera, music player and candles.  Maybe my snowshoes will join me.  Wine and chocolate will be there.  I think I’ll need some flowers.

The last time I went away like this for a weekend a couple years ago, I filled too much of the time with things I thought I should be doing like planning lessons and meals, trying to develop mission statements and goals.  It felt necessary to do those things to justify being away from my family.  Not this time.  This time I’ll leave all that behind as well.

My only goal this time is to create beauty and be at peace.

I’m longing for quiet time.  I want to walk, if the sun is out.  I want to meander through the little antique store downtown, if I feel like being around people.  I may never step outside.  I want to do simply the things I enjoy when I want to do them.  There is a bathtub to soak in, which is its own retreat as our home does not have one.

I want to figure out finally how to adjust all those settings on my camera properly.  To me, that falls under the category of creating beauty and not something I should do.  I’ve missed my camera and want to take better pictures in lower light.

I bought three canvases just to play with the other day.  I need to pick up a pack of good watercolor paper and I have a big box of colored pencils calling my name as well. My brush pens get used a lot in day to day life, but I’ll be sure to bring them along.  I don’t have a specific project I hope to create, but I love all the possibilities.

Taking a computer is still up in the air.  I want to be able to write and that’s the way I do it.  Maybe just having the computer, but not accessing the internet?  I don’t want to waste a moment.

What would you do with time alone?

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