(Embracing) Rest

I spent most of yesterday simply resting.

After all the events for Christmas, I spent most of yesterday in bed reading and sleeping.  It was delightful!

I was up early to take a family member to the airport.  My Sweetheart was making the kids pancakes when I came back.  I reheated some leftover Christmas breakfast casserole as pancakes are not my thing. I also heated up my Wingnut Warmer (a rice & lavender pack) and poured myself a cuppa tea. I took everything into our room, tucked the Warmer at my toes and enjoyed a lovely breakfast.

I was so cold and tired I just stayed where I was most of the rest of the day.  That is not typical for me.  Usually, I’ve got plenty to do and I do it.  Yesterday I just told myself it will still all be there today and I could just relax and enjoy rereading Little Dorrit.  And so I did.

This means today I am facing a mountain of laundry and have two homes to clean as our Air BNB guests that checked out yesterday were here a week and new guests arrive this afternoon.  I’ve got bread to bake and meals to plan.  There is a meeting I should go to, but don’t want to.  And a Christmas tree to undecorate.  There is also a much needed trip to the library to make.  That’s important to my crew.

Lots of little things are set to fill up the week.  It’s the last week of Winter Break and so there are next week’s lesson to plan as well.  I’ve got piles of receipts to organize before the end of the year for my business.  There are always loads of laundry and meals to tend.

My goal for this week is not to be perfectly ready with every possible thing completed for next week.  Too often that is the case and I rush into the new week ready, but worn out.  My goal for this week is instead to spend time outside.  To snowshoe at least once, but hopefully more.  To bake good stuff with the kids.  To smile a lot at everyone.  To continue to look forward to January.  To fill up the week with rest and joy, not just the work that is ever-present.  To take nap when I need it.

I will also schedule some serious time to connect with others outside my family circle.  To that end, there is already a morning gathering planned for next week. It’s part of a homeschool group we formed this Autumn.  This meeting will allow us to plan the next few months of activities we want to do together as a larger group. There are neighbors to have in for dinner and friends to invite to tea.  I’ve been rather AWOL since October with work and it is time to reconnect with everyone.

The sun is up now and it’s time for me to begin the rest of the day.  I hope you have a wonderful one.


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