I just turned on the burner for the percolator, bumped up the thermostat and wrapped my shawl around me.  From the corner of my eye I can see the twinkle lights on the mantel glowing.  Outside a few more inches of snow fell while we were sleeping snuggled deep in comfort.

I struggle with winter.  The endless days of gray haunt me.  The cold seems to chill not just my skin, but my very heart.  Being on this side of the solstice is good as far as increasing daylight, but we’re just really sinking into the cold here in Colorado.

I just keep telling myself it’s better than where we lived before.  I can just push a button and heat magically fills our home, rather than waking hours early to light a fire that never quite burned hot enough unless you were in the room with it.  And we have blue sky days more here as well.

The coffee’s ready.  I love that.  I’ve got a mug filled now, steam rising right in front of me. I love to just watch it dance, swirling and twirling upwards.  I smile.

It is the littlest things throughout a full day that make me pause, really see the moment and smile.  Today it’s steam.  I purposely look for warmth and light and try to fill our home with them in these cold, dark days.  It’s one of the best parts of our Advent tradition: lighting one more candle each night until the room fairly glows from them all.

Last year I signed up for Heather’s Hibernate course to help me make it through January.  It was good.  Somehow I wasn’t able to fully immerse myself in it all with the demands of life and starting back to our school lessons.  I saved all the downloads together and plan to revisit them this year.  Knowing it was there for me helped.

I do better when I have set aside markers along the way to keep my going down my path.  I’m not great at the typical New Years Resolutions, but it is good for me to have my own routines and rhythms in place.  This includes planning to do certain things at least four days a week.  That’s usually more successful for me.  Otherwise, I think, “Well, I missed today.  I stink and might as well give up forever!”

I know, it’s stupid, but that’s how my brain works.  If I tell myself I need to do this thing more often than I don’t, I will do it nearly everyday anyway.

For this new year I have begun writing down some of my goals.  Most of them revolve more about my work and its various forms than the personal improvement goals I usually try (and fail).  Somehow, in the darkest, bleakest days deciding I’m going to suddenly be perfect as of the first day of the new year just doesn’t work for me.

It’s taken me writing that sentence to really see the truth of that statement.  Why would I think I could suddenly tackle everything when usually it’s just amazing that I managed to drag myself into another day?  Huh.  I’ll need to ponder this a bit more and maybe come up with a better plan.

I had hoped to touch on hygge as a method of instilling much needed warmth into my days, but find I am out of writing time for now.  I’ll have to continue on tomorrow.  Until then, let’s keep looking for the warmth and the light that fills our days and take the time to notice and enjoy it.


3 thoughts on “Warmth

    1. Thanks for commenting, Chris!
      Winter in Colorado is a bit nuts. Sometimes the snows start in September and can occur through May. The good news is that the snow melts in between storms (usually) and the sky becomes the most amazing blue. Nothing else like it. 🙂


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