Words fill my world.

I love words.  I love to read them, to write them, to turn letters into art and phrases into pictures.

Maybe it’s because I feel like I’ve always been able to read having had a wonderful older sister who taught me as she learned.  Maybe it was all those calligraphy classes we took in elementary school.  Words and their letters thrill me.

They are magic.

They can delight.  They can heal.  They can wound.  They can kill.  Words have power.

And whoever started the lie that words can never hurt me?  Words from a razor sharp tongue have left longer lasting scars than any knife on flesh.

Our home is filled with books full up with words and adventures and new world just waiting to be discovered in their pages.  And twinkle lights, we have twinkle lights up year round here.  I love to read in the evenings the room aglow with little bits of stardust and dreams.

I clicked on the button to see My Year in Books on Good Reads the other day.  That was fun.  This is the first year I’ve been able to actually remember to track all I read.  I saw book covers I forgot I’d even read!  And I saw more than one I’ll be rereading soon.

To me, a book almost hasn’t been read if I only read it once.  And no book is worth owning unless I know it’s one I’ll want to reread it.

Too bad Good Reads doesn’t have a way to count a book more than once.  I met my reading goal early this year.  As I mentioned I never could keep a reading log, well, at least past February,  so I had no idea how much I actually read in a given year. I’ll need a new goal for next year.

Some were quick reads, or books I was previewing for my son. (The Alex Rider series & Harry Potter come to mind.)  One was a picture book, Delivering Dreams,  for my daughter that I wouldn’t have included, but I wanted to do a review as a neighbor is the author and illustrator and I want everyone to know about her amazing work.  It was funny to see that pop up as my Shortest Book of the Year (50 pages) contrasted with the Longest Book of the Year with 1,000+ pages, Bleak House.

I can see I spent too much time reading mystery/thrillers.  So, whatever.  Don’t judge.  I treat them rather like someone else might that watches television.  I can read a regular novel in an evening and would rather do that than watch a screen anyway.  The down side to Good Reads?  Some books were lousy, but I felt compelled to finish them so I could put them on my list.

And when I find an author, or series I enjoy, I just have to read everything they write.  Hello James Patterson and Sue Grafton!  I started the alphabet series at X, and was thrilled to discover I had a whole bunch (20+) of new to me stories to read and then went back and began at A is for Alibi.  Had I started at A when it was first published, I probably wouldn’t have kept going.  Of course, the first book was published in 1982 and I was more into Judy Blume then still being in elementary school so there is that.

It was also nice to track everything because my husband and one of my sons read almost only non-fiction and may have a tendency to mock us mere mortals, the rest of the family, who prefer fiction.  I was able to see that I read about 25% non-fiction books this year. So there.

I discovered Good Reads as a part of my Book Club.  It’s sponsored by our library.  We meet up once a month at a pub and discuss whatever we’ve been reading that month.  The quirk is that we don’t all read the same book.  We don’t have assigned books at all.  We just share, recommend, or pan whatever we’ve read.

I started out the first few months just writing down books I liked on a index card and writing down recommended titles through the meeting.  I struggled though to keep track of the recommended titles from others because I couldn’t always catch all they were saying, or I’d forget my cards at home when I’d be at the library.  One of the librarians had the Good Read app on her phone and recommended it.  Now I have all my Want to Read ideas from others in one place and my phone is usually in my purse whenever I go to town so I’m all set.

Now I want to know:  what are you reading?  What’s your favorite book of the year that you’ve read?  What book did you not like?  Do you track what you read?  Do you have reading goals?  Share away!



2 thoughts on “Words

  1. I just wanted to say your photograph is lovey! I also think your book club sounds awesome. I have never heard of people meeting with everyone having read a different book. Great idea!


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