Fighting the Flight

“I Only Write When Inspiration Strikes. Fortunately It Strikes at Nine Every Morning.”

I loved this quotation I read in The War of Art.  He attributed it to Somerset Maughum, and though some dispute that, the truth remains the same.  For me, the inspiration needs to strike somewhat earlier before everyone else is up and talking.

The War of Art was wonderfully concise.  Whereas I spent weeks reading through The Artist’s Way and other Cameron books, I read The War of Art in a day.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed TAW a lot and appreciated the beautiful way she writes and leads others through steps of living their art.  TWOA simply puts out the essentials and is done, leaving you with no choice when you finish, but to get to work yourself.

One of the reasons I stopped writing is logistics.  I really need a quiet space, or noise I’m not needed in, to gather my thoughts and write them.  The moment I am spoken to, the ideas vanish like the bird I startled on the path.  Spotted, it froze a moment and then flew away in a whirl of feathers instantly gone and me wondering if it ever was there in the first place.

I explained to the kids that it’s like when they are looking for a very certain Lego piece in the three foot pile of Legos they’ve dumped on the floor.  They know what they want. All they need is that one piece and they will have created plastic perfection. They search and search, raking through thousands of little plastic pieces, skimming over all they aren’t looking for when across the pile they spot it!  But before they can grab it and have it, they are distracted/interrupted/someone else moves the pile and the piece disappears.  Now just one little piece of plastic among the millions of other plastic pieces again.

I’m trying to sort through my mind for the words I want to say, to create an article, or reply to someone’s message to me.  I’ve finally got it and am writing it down when someone walks into the room automatically talking to me and that perfect line is lost in the pile of words never to be found again and I am left slightly dazed and a bit frustrated and all I can do is wonder will the thought ever fly back to me, or am I doomed to never write more down than the grocery list?

And so I rise.  Still trying to type my way back to myself.  Doing the work I need to do in the early hours is best for all of us.  I’m putting in place the order needed to structure other blocks in the day where I can work as well.

It’s good learning and training for all of us.  They are old enough now to understand.  I’m certainly old enough to know I need to take the time and to do so without permission or apology.

** There is an odd thing that occurred yesterday.  While I did hit the Publish button, I am not aware of how anyone would have actually FOUND my posts.  I’ve not linked to them yet as I am still setting up everything.  I’ve now got actual followers.  How is that?  Please comment if you are able as to how you found this.  Thank you! ~K



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