Fingers hover over keyboard frozen.

Blank space shines back bright.

So much potential.

So much fear.

Starting over, over again.

Seems to be a theme in my life.

New school after new school.

New job.  Even new country.

New love.  New name.

New life.

Move some more.

Move back.

Who am I?

His.  And He calls me by name and through all the new, and the worn out old, He is still there and loves me.


I stand here on the brink of something new wondering how to take that step, how to put my words, my thoughts, simply my whole heart, onto a new page and He’s there.


I step out, write down, believing there is something He wants me to share, though I don’t know quite what yet.

And so I move my fingers, spill my life onto a blank page.  A smile returns.  This is faith.  This is the long missed rekindling of, is it really, just maybe, joy?

And I begin again.



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